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Video games are not good for us. They promote aggressive thinking, support antisocial behavior and are bad for health. Even after more than 40 years, there are still people who want to block video games in this narrow enclosure for fear, violence, addiction and illness. Whether as a welcome punching-ball for populist-minded public places or as an object of cultural resentment and media-based anxiety - the game culture still has to put in too much bullshit. Perhaps it will be time, even time to hand out. And indeed with scientific facts!
Scientifically proven: 7 reasons why video games are good for us!

We have learned to ignore the particularly noisy idiots and bear the quiet worries of the others. But so far, we have only arrived in the middle of society - but it is not that comfortable here. Video games do not have a particularly good reputation.

Particularly scientific studies are a never-ending source of dangerous half-knowledge and exact correlations. In the discussion about the social, psychological and physiological effects of gambling, especially those scientific investigations are cited as a manslaughter argument, which deal with the more problematic dimensions of games. An annoying imbalance, which neither corresponds to the current state of research nor the claims of a factual debate.

We players react to problematic research results mostly by denying them the meaningfulness. Too few test persons, undercomplex methods, false conclusions - if a study results in unpleasant results, the study itself is attacked. A comprehensible bite reflex, which is often justified, but leads the debate itself into a dead end. There are other ways to react to scientific criticism. With science for example!

Whoever wants can turn the tables at any time and counter the criticism on the self-chosen battlefield of science. And this is how video games help us learn, make us smarter, improve our spatial perception, as well as our ability to estimate, help with depression, counteract aging, make us better multitaskers and have a positive effect on our visual performance. Everything scientifically proven!

So whoever is being harassed with questionable, scientific studies in his next discussion about games, should simply counter.

Here are 7 scientifically proven reasons that gambling is good for us humans!





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